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Hello and thank you for visiting. Please fill out the form below as best you can with what you know. Unless you say otherwise we will not release your name to the person you are entering for consideration. We do not identify who submitted names even if you submit your own name. We will be contacted the person you are recommending to confirm they want this honor.

This is our first volume of Who's Who - Anyone one who will be at our dinner on April 25th that is accepted into the Who's Who can get their certificate of acceptance free of charge. You will have to obtain a ticket for the dinner.

Who's Who Ceremony

11:30 AM  April 25,2010

El Caribe  Strickland Avenue  Brooklyn NY 


For information go to The National Council of Columbia Associations   Ph  718 554 6114  fax  212 416 7032

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    Please tell us why you think your Nominee should be entered into the Who's Who of Italians. Here is a sample of a narrative. Keeping in mind we want to be as proud to display your Nominee as you are to have us add your Nominee. Why is he she a leader in their field, or just very good at it. Why is he or she a a role model for the Italian American Community? Is it because they are a great parent that has raised children teaching them the importance of their culture as well as the acceptance of others, or is it because he she has led a nation, society or organization. We will not edit your words if the candidate is accepted so please read and re-read your document. Please feel free to add education, or experience we did not ask about. Here is a sample



    By submitting the above information you are attesting that the above named Nominee is known to you to be of Italian lineage, you further agree to supply information regarding the Nominee if contacted. You have notified the nominee ( unless deceased ) and he / she agrees to be considered to be a part of the 2010  Inaugural Edition of the Who's Who of Italians in the area of their specialty.



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