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Who's Who of Italians is designed to promote and honor the true working Italians and Italian Americans in fields such as  Italians in: Civil Service, Architecture, Medical, Education, Technology, Research and Development, Government employees, Employees in Private Corporations, With Specialties in Law Enforcement , Security, Volunteers,  Private Security, Teachers, Police, Sheriffs, Lawyers, Doctors, Librarians and support Staff. It is our goal to portray Italians and Italian Americans in the U.S. and abroad. The person you add to the National Council wall of honor, need not be a " Leader " or a " Hero " Because our directory recognizes that the 9 to 5 brick layer who  worked for less then minimum wage, then went home and fed his family is a hero in our culture. We recognize that our father and grand fathers less then 50 years ago came to this country not speaking English. While the media feeds a curious public on the negative portrayals of Italian Americans. Our wall of honor will identify YOU, the Italian American who studied for a test to get a job. regardless if the job is for the government or you took a test to work for an electric company YOU are the modern day hero. Part of a working dedicated and a vital culture in a diverse world. It is Councils goal to allow our viewers to honor Italians and Italian Americans by listing them in our first National Council Who's who of Italian Americans. We will list the Blue collars, the house wife and the civil servant, along with the volunteers in the Italian Community. If you or your family member you want entered into our list is a "leader" or "Hero" so be it, but to us the working man and woman of Italian Descent is the hero.


Honor a family member, boy scout, or that someone who help you move along in life. We ask only that you make a small donation to the National Council to offset the cost of this site, the actual book that will be published in early 2010, and so we may continue to explore programs such as this. List yourself a friend family, elected official, teacher fire fighter or any Italian. After you apply we will give you for one year a forward email address from YourName@WhosWhoOfItalians.Org get email to your personal email address using this address as your email address.

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The National Council's Who's Who Of Italians


Was started as an internet site in 1998, under TheNationalCouncil.Com website. The original named individuals honored by the National Council Of Columbia Associations of Civil Service.

Founded in 1959 as the National Council of Columbia Associations the Core groups were Civil Service in Nature and tended to serve those groups in Federal, State and City Governments. They Re-organized in 1975 by Italian American leadership in New York City, lead by Hon. Mario Biaggi. The National Council has served the Italian American Community in many ways. The Council is made up of Presidents of Italian American societies throughout the U.S. According to the recent Calandra Institute, an affiliate of the City University of New York. The Council represent 120,000 Italian Americans in Civil Service. We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary in 2009

Presently there are many other types of memberships such as: Corporate, Government Employees, Individual and Sponsor.

The Council is not only dedicated to Fraternal, scholarship and education programs, we support the end of negative stereotyping that depict Italian Americans as gangsters and members of the Mafia. While we embrace the freedom of the 1st amendment we do not embrace negative stereotyping.



This Association is dedicated to the American ideal of equality of all men and women under the law, regardless of race, religion. Or national origin. It seeks to effectuate a unity of effort and purpose among all persons of Italian origin through the coordination of activities of all new and presently existing affiliated Columbia Associations and to perpetuate the rich tradition of Italian culture. It seeks to inspire its members, both as individuals and/or groups of affiliates, to be conscious of the freedoms to foster a keener spirit of brotherhood, good-fellowship and understanding among all Americans. It aims to achieve this goal through a program of education and through charitable endeavors. The Council was created in 1959 ( originally named the Grand Council, to unify Italian American Societies under one umbrella and to give a single unified voice to Italian Americans in Civil Service. We represent over 120,000 Italian Americans in Civil Service - Under our new charter we are growing faster then ever to accommodate more and groups.




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